Online Loan: How to Apply

The online loan, as its name suggests, is an alternative to getting credit without having to leave the house, through the internet, using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Those who opt for the online loan have a range of credit alternatives available, which makes it easier or compare the terms and interest rates offered by companies.

The most common online loan is online personal loan, which usually has few restrictions and quick release, however, in addition to that you can also get a payroll loan, refinancing or legal loan through the internet. As not all online loan shops offer all credit modalities, you need to research before applying.

How to make an online loan

Currently it is possible to find several companies that offer online loan modalities. Daisy Miller is one of those companies. Here you find the personal loan online with interest rates from 3.99% per month and can request values ​​between R $ 1 and R $ 20 thousand. Fill out our form to find out what pre-approved amount we have for you!

Who can get an online loan

Who can get an online loan

To get an online loan you need to be over 18 and have an active CPF, that is, have no negatives. Although there are some credit lenders that lend to you negatively, not all companies lend to this type of customer, so ideally you have the name cleared when applying for an online loan.

The conditions in hiring an online loan also vary according to the mode of credit chosen. In the online payroll loan, for example, the client must be retired or an INSS pensioner, public official or employee of a private company that has an agreement with the financial institution in question.

It is worth remembering that even if you meet the criteria required to get an online loan, this is no guarantee that you will get the credit. Before the release of the money, you will undergo a credit analysis and this will determine whether or not you can pay for the amount you wish to lend.

Is online loan insurance safe?

Is online loan insurance safe?

The online loan is a trend that came from the US and is gaining its place in Brazil. This is a fairly reliable transaction, but you have to be careful not to get hit.

Companies that wish to offer online loans need to be recognized and authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil – responsible for controlling all banking activity in the country. In addition, trusted companies often offer the SSL certificate, a technology responsible for encrypting customer data to prevent fraud. Another important point to consider is that reputable and reliable companies that offer online loan do not apply for any type of deposit before the credit is released. After all, it makes no sense for the customer to pay for the service that has not been made yet.

At Daisy Miller, for example, all information provided by customers is encrypted, which greatly reduces the risk of data theft. In addition, in one of the steps of hiring the online loan, the client must send a selfie to prove that it is he who wishes to take out the loan, which gives even greater security to the process.