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Ness Notes ( June 6)

Ness Notes ( June 6)

Is there anyone who still believes the theory that the NBA is a passing league? The oldlings in the once mighty NBA, playoff teams and All Star seasons, seem to think that it’s the sport world in general that’s fallen off.

Of course, there’s been a few villains in the last 10 years, but come on. The league’s best team, the San Antonio Spurs, went down to the wire and came back to beat the picked-off Detroit Pistons. That seemed to pile on to the theory that the NBA is soft.

After the Pistons game, there was more hand-wringing about the soft 17-30 game the previous night, the soft 17-30-2 ATS game on Sunday ( brightness over Reno), the soft 15-30 ATS game on Wednesday and the soft 12-30 ATS game on Tuesday.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson was asked about it all on Wednesday.

“That’s the NBA,” he said. “That’s the way it is. Everybody’s talented. You’re going to find a lot of talented people. You’re going to find a lot of talented teams. You just don’t know who’s going to be on the court at the same time. That’s why we call it the NBA.”

Added Riley: “It’s definitely tough when you don’t have a month after the All-Star break. I think we’re all mentally tough. We just go another day. That’s what we call the NBA.”

All 30 teams got at least one practice run on Wednesday, the day the Heat got a win in their NBA opener, the day the Clippers got steals at the Nets and the day the Suns needed a late comeback from Isiah Thomas to beat the Lakers.

Mostly, though, the All-Star break seems to have served as a self-imposed ClarkeUtah to get the NBA team out of the traps, maintain focus and corrections on the kind of players who think they’re beyond redemption but not necessarily bound by it.

Which is why it’s so important that players don’t run and hide when they get back from the break: It’s best to just stay home and rest up since the last time. After all, the season is less about the once in a lifetime event and more about the persistent season-long theme that’s more about winning than losing.

A lot of stuff can change in a short space of time and a lot of things will go on during the All-Star break, so it’s best to have your say early if you think you’re worthy to make the All-Star game. You have until late February to make a decision about making the All-Star game and the choice is fairly simple.

There are a handful of worthy candidates but the current favorites to make it are Andre Iguodala, Tony Allen and Al Harrington. All three have been terrific this season and chances are that they will be in the All-Star game this year.avier is a close second.

Jeff Green is another. He’s second on the squad in scoring (14.3 ppg) and assists (5.0 apg).

If you’re looking for a sure thing, look no further than Baron Davis. He leads the team in rebounding (8.1 rpg) and blocks (1.2 bpg), and has become something of a sleeper player to this point.

At guard for the Suns are outsourcing sensation 520 Clayborn with the acquisition of Blair. Green had a less than spectacular Game 7 start in the team’s lone loss of the series (91-86).

Clayborn (ruptured shoulder) won’t be available for the All-Star game because of a spine injury, though he could play versus Dallas on Sunday, Jan. 3.

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